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 Aprooved Stages to be used in the Future

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Aprooved Stages to be used in the Future Empty
PostSubject: Aprooved Stages to be used in the Future   Aprooved Stages to be used in the Future Icon_minitime6th November 2008, 10:42 pm

Hob has promoted me to head of stages. That means if you want a stage to be used, either PM me or put in in the stage suggestion thread. I will post here if it is allowed to be used by refs or not. BTW, I'm also in charge of aprooving refs and co-owners stages. THe only stages I can't aproove of is hoblaph.

Stages That Have a Certain Round to be Used:

The Swamp (round 26)
You are in a swamp. It is very marshy here so if you move, everyone will be slower than usual. Thus, harder to avoid attacks. Every update, a frog will come and one lucky person will be bounced up (chosen by RNG) to a tree. However, the next update another person will be bounced up to that same tree and the two pokemon could fight. On this tree, people can push each other off of it. (made by Electivire Addict).

The Volcano (round 26)
Your on the rim of a volcano! It is a very, very, narrow rim that you can easily fall into. However, it goes in a circular pattern so if you keep on moving around it, you won't lose your ballance and fall in. People can push people in. If you fall into this volcano, you get shot up mario style (including the "mamamiah" part) and have a burn.

The Wasteland (round 26)
This wasteland goes on for exactly 100 miles. You can command your pokemon to run away for X amount of miles, but for every mile you lose 1 SP. In the field status bar, it will describe how many miles you have ran from. There are certain aspects to every mile:

0-10 miles: The Steelix
In this section there is a Steelix that comes every turn to hyper beam someone (chosen by rng) in this section to do 15 HP

11-20 miles: The Sandstorm
In this section, there is a sandstorm that will do 5 HP to everyone

21-30 miles: The quicksand
In this section a quicksand may (doesn't have to. 1 and 2 put in RNG, if 1 there is a quicksand, if 2, there isn't) causes someone to get stuck (chosen by RNG), and not be able to move at all for 3 turns. They won't be able to avoid attacks.

31-40 miles: The Mirages
Here a random person (chosen by RNG) will get confused.

41-50 miles: The Mountain
Here, you'll have to ascend a mountain. Basically, the same aspects of the mountain in the mirage island.

51-60 miles: The Golem
Here a person (chosen by RNG) will be sent blasting off by a Golem's rollout. It will not do any damage, but it will send you to a random section of the dessert (chosen by rng).

61-89 miles: The Wasteland
Nothing special here, just a wasteland. But you may want to get to the end.

91-99 miles: The Hermit's AbraThere is a hermit that's living here. He will offer anyone an Abra to teleport you to any part of the desert you've already traveled to.

100 miles: The Oasis
If you actually make it here, for one time only, you will be completely healed (made by Electivire Addict).

The Forest (round 27: Welcome to the Forest)
There are trees EVERYWHERE! There is about 2 feet between each tree grounding all flying types and making it hard for the big pokemon to move around. Fire attacks may start a forest fire. (made by Shadow Espeon).

Stages that Don't have a Particular Theme to be Used:

A tall Mountain. It has rocks and rough terrain around the course that you can throw or hide behind. Every round one person gets hit by a falling boulder. (-5 HP) (Made by Kyogre35).

A rocky cave on the side of a huge mountain. It's 20 feet tall and 100 feet long. If you exit the cave, you will fall 20,000 feet, killing you. The cave intensefies moves like Supersonic and Chatter. The walls are breakable and throwable (made by pokemonmaster3.0).

One main stage with a few others next to it. Falling off will kill you, since you fall straight into the lava. After every other round, lava balls will fly at the stage. If you do not protect or dodge, you lose 5hp. Rarely a huge lava wave appears. You must make it into the safety pod, or lose 10hp.

Icy and Moss Rock
The two evolution rocks in Eterna Forest and near Snowpoint City are now a combined stage for PRR! You could either battle at Icy Rock or at Moss Rock. In each area there is a teleportation pad that can get you to the other rock, but it costs 3 SP to go into it. Both rocks have obstacles, but different ones.

Moss Rock
Moss Rock is the grassy area near Eterna Forest. There is a lot of free land, allowing you to roam around easily. There are a lot of trees in this area, that with a powerful attack can fall down. Every turn, a mob of wild Pokemon will come and caused -5 HP to two random contestants in the area.

Icy Rock
Icy Rock is the snowy area near Snowpoint City. There is a lot of thick snow on the ground, which slows contestants down a little bit. You can throw snow at other contestants, not causing damage but slowing them down even more. Every turn, a Blizzard will come and cause -3 HP to all non-ice types in the area (Made by Sinnoh Champion).
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Aprooved Stages to be used in the Future
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