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 Future Round List

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PostSubject: Future Round List   23rd October 2008, 8:57 pm

I decided that it would be convienient to have a list of all future planned rounds, so people could just have a glance to decide on their pokemon. Every time a new theme is decided, I'll edit this.

Last Round: A Walk Through Hoenn Part 2 (Hoenn Types)
Current Round: No Theme
Next Round: Welcome to the Forest (Forest Pokemon)
Round 28: Quadruplets (Four-Legged Pokemon)
Round 29: N/P (not planned)
Round 30: N/P
Round 31: N/P
Round 32: N/P
Round 33: Ultimate Round #3

Edited 11/4/08 with last/current/next rounds changed
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PostSubject: Re: Future Round List   29th June 2009, 9:03 pm

I disagree, thus go fucketh thy self.
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Future Round List
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