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PostSubject: Abilitydex(Completed)   Abilitydex(Completed) Icon_minitime14th August 2008, 6:09 pm

Here is the Abilitydex
Rules for the Abilities
1 ~ The abilities are only activated, in-battle, if you specifically state that you want your pokemon's ability to begin taking effect.
2 ~ Each pokemon has one ability, the one listed here.
3 ~ You may activate another pokemon's ability, by notifying me, in a positive or negative way.

Warning!!! ~ Abilities don't always act the same way as in the games! READ THE DESCRIPTIONS!


List of Abilities

Adaptability ~ Normal type attacks power are doubled.
Aftermath ~ If the attacking pokemon finishes off another pokemon, it gains 10 Energy and 10 HP.
Air Lock ~ Weather effects can be negated at any time.
Anger Point ~ Raises attack 3 levels at the sacrifice of 15 HP points.
Anticipation ~ Negates super effective hits.
Arena Trap ~ The pokemon may prevent an enemy from dodging any attack for one turn.

Bad Dreams ~ Every asleep pokemon on the field loses 5 HP points every round they are asleep and they CANNOT regain energy.
Battle Armour ~ Status Effects take an extra turn to take effect.
Blaze ~ When HP dips below 33, Fire attacks power are doubled.

Chlorophyll ~ Speed goes up in strong sun.
Clear Body ~ Stat reductions do not effect the pokemon.
Cloud Nine ~ Weather effects are nullified.
Color Change ~ The pokemon may change type to the type of the last attack used on it.
Compound Eyes ~ Accuracy reductions do not effect the pokemon.
Cute Charm ~ There is a 25% chance of infatuation if the pokemon is hit with a physical attack.

Damp ~ Prevents suicide moves from being used, including Memento.
Download ~ If attacked with a physical attack, then the next physical attack's power is doubled. If attacked with a special attack, then the next special attack's power is doubled.
Drizzle ~ Causes a light rain without having to use the move, Rain Dance.
Drought ~ Causes strong sun without having to use the move, Sunny Day.
Dry Skin ~ Loses 5 HP in Sunny weather but gains 5 HP a round in Rainy weather.

Early Bird ~ Sleep status effects only last for 1 turn.
Effect Spore ~ There is a 10% chance of being inflicted with paralysis, 10 % chance of poison, and a 20 % chance sleep.

Filter ~ Make Super Effective attacks Normally effective.
Flame Body ~ There is a 20 % chance of burn when an enemy physically attacks the enemy.
Flash Fire ~ The power of fire type attacks increases when the pokemon is hit by a fire attack.
Flower Gift ~ Attack and Sp. Attack increase during strong sunlight.
Forecast ~ The pokemon transforms due to the weather.
Forewarn ~ Gives the pokemon a 10 % of dodging an attack without being ordered to dodge.

Guts ~ Attack goes up 2 levels if the pokemon receives a status effect.

Heat Proof ~ The power of fire type moves are halved.
Honey Gather ~ HP is restored at a rate of 3 HP per turn.
Huge Power ~ Physical attacks have a 5 % chance of having their power doubled.
Hustle ~ Attacks power can be doubled on command but accuracy is halved on that same attack.
Hydration ~ If it is raining then status effects are healed.
Hyper Cutter ~ It is impossible to lower stats.

Ice Body ~ HP is restored at a rate of 5 HP during a hailstorm.
Illuminate ~ There is a 5 % chance of attacks missing.
Immunity ~ Prevents poison from being effective.
Inner Focus ~ It is impossibly for the pokemon to flinch.
Insomnia ~ Prevents the pokemon from sleeping.
Intimidate ~ Attack is lowered a stage for every pokemon on the field for a round.
Iron Fist ~ Attacks using fists are increased in power.

Keen Eye ~ Accuracy cannot be lowered.
Klutz ~ The pokemon may randomly attack a pokemon without meaning to.

Leaf Guard ~ Status effects are ineffective during Sunny Weather.
Levitate ~ Earth based attacks are ineffective.
Lightning Rod ~ All electric attacks used on the field are drawn to this pokemon.
Limber ~ Paralysis is not effective.
Liquid Ooze ~ If an enemy tries to take HP from the pokemon it loses HP instead of gaining HP.

Magic Guard ~ Only attacks can inflict damage. Status Effects and Field Effects are ineffective.
Magnet Pull ~ Allows the pokemon to trap pokemon in an area.
Marvel Scale ~ Boosts defenses is there is a status effect.
Minus ~ All stats are boosted to the highest level if the pokemon is in battle with a pokemon with the "Plus" ability.
Mold Breaker ~ Abilities are negated if they negatively impact the pokemon.
Motor Drive ~ Speed is boosted if the pokemon is hit by an electric attack.
Multitype ~ Type can change at any time.

Natural Cure ~ Status effects are nullified in 1 turn.
No Guard ~ All attacks used by, or used on this pokemon, are 100 % accurate.
Normalize ~ All attacks used by this pokemon are turned into normal type moves.

Oblivious ~ The pokemon cannot be infatuated.
Overgrow ~ When HP dips below 33, Grass attacks power are doubled.
Own Tempo ~ The pokemon cannot be confused.

Pick-up ~ Health is restored at a rate of 3 HP each round.
Plus ~ All stats are boosted to the highest level if the pokemon is in battle with a pokemon with the "Minus" ability.
Poison Heal ~ Health is regained when the pokemon is poisoned.
Poison Point ~ There is a 10 % chance of poisoning when the pokemon is hit with a physical attack.
Pressure ~ Enemies energy consumption is raised when attacking this pokemon.
Pure Power ~ The power of physical attacks is increased.

Quick Feet ~ Boosts speed if the pokemon has a status effect.

Rain Dish ~ HP is recovered during rain.
Reckless ~ Attacks that have recoil are powered up.
Rivalry ~ Attack rises if the enemy is of an opposite gender (fixed gender pokemon).
Rock Head ~ Recoil from recoil moves is negated.
Rough Skin ~ If an enemy attacks the pokemon physically, then it is hurt.

Sand Stream ~ The Sandstorm weather condition can be activated at any time.
Sand Veil ~ There is a 25% chance of attacks missing during a sandstorm.
Scrappy ~ No pokemon can resist a move from this pokemon (Flyers can't resist ground type moves, Ghosts can't resists normal type moves)
Serene Grace ~ The chance of added effects on moves is doubled.
Shadow Tag ~ It is impossible for an enemy to escape the pokemon.
Shed Skin ~ Status effects are healing in 1 or 2 turns.
Shell Armour ~ All moves against this pokemon are powered down.
Shield Dust ~ Status effects are ineffective against the pokemon.
Simple ~ Stat changes are doubled.
Skill Link ~ Moves that strike multiple times ALWAYS hit (Bypasses protect, dodges, and detect)
Slow Start ~ Attack and Speed are -3 at the beginning of the round, but they both increase at a rate of +1 every turn (No limit).
Sniper ~ Super effective attacks have their power increased, even more.
Snow Cloak ~ There is a 25% chance of attacks missing during a hailstorm.
Snow Warning ~ Hail can be created at an time.
Solar Power ~ All stats rise in strong sunlight.
Solid Rock ~ Super-effective moves are powered down.
Soundproof ~ Sound based moves are ineffective against this pokemon.
Speedboost ~ Every turn the chance of an attack missing rises 5 %
Stall ~ The pokemon's moves always strike first or last.
Static ~ There is a 30 % chance of paralysis if the pokemon is attacked physically.
Steadfast ~ Speed is increased if the pokemon loses +30 HP in one turn.
Stench ~ There is a 20% chance of physical attacks missing, because of the smell.
Storm Drain ~ All water type attacks are drawn to the pokemon.
Sturdy ~ Physical attacks are powered down.
Suction Cups ~ The pokemon cannot be forced to move.
Super Luck ~ There is a 25% chance of weak attacks having their power doubled.
Swarm ~ Bug type moves are powered up when HP follows below 33.
Swift Swim ~ Speed is raised in rain.
Synchronize ~ Any status effects are reflected onto the enemy as well.

Tangled Feet ~ There is a 50 % chance of dodging attacks if the pokemon is confused.
Technician ~ Weaker moves are powered up.
Thick Fat ~ The power of Ice and Fire type moves is reduced against this pokemon.
Tinted Lens ~ Non effective moves become powered up.
Torrent ~ If HP dips below 33 HP then the power of water type moves is doubled.
Trace ~ Ability changes to enemies ability when the pokemon attacks that enemy.
Truant ~ The pokemon only has 1 attack per turn but its attacks are twice as powerful.

Unaware ~ The pokemon's ability cannot be changed.
Unburden ~ Speed is raised the highed the pokemon flies.

Vital Spirit ~ The pokemon cannot fall asleep.
Volt Absorb ~ HP is restored when the pokemon is hit by an electric attack.

Water Absorb ~ HP is recovered if the pokemon is hit with a water type attack.
Water Veil ~ The pokemon cannot be burned.
White Smoke ~ The pokemon's stats cannot be lowered
Wonder Guard ~ Only super effective attacks damage the pokemon.
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