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 Game Rules

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PostSubject: Game Rules   24th August 2008, 6:03 pm

Rules needed to have in first post of game.

The must have rules...
1. Don't complain if a reffing doesn't go your way. Politely PM one of the refs and ask them why(insert complaint) happened.
2. No double posting
3. No badgering refs for an update.
4. If you receive three warnings you are banned from the thread.
5. Breaking one of the rules MAY earn you 1 warning.

Refs choice...
1. Enter Clause - If you try to enter in the middle of a rumble, you must miss out on signing up for the next two rumbles.
2. RP Clause - People wishing to participate at a later date (missed the current ones sign-ups) may Role Play with Pokemon that follow the theme.
3. CAP Clause - POkemon made by CAP are allowed
4. UR Clause - THread will have its own ULTIMATE ROUNDS.
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Game Rules
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