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 Ummm. My ref?

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Ummm. My ref? Empty
PostSubject: Ummm. My ref?   Ummm. My ref? Icon_minitime23rd August 2008, 6:29 pm

Infernape ran in and seeing his opponent decided to Calm his Mind(1) before deciding to enter Close Combat.(2)
Seeing this Machamp beautifully decided to jump into the air before Meditating(1) before also entering Close Combat. (2)
The Azurill Plushies knocked both of Infernape's and Machamp's confidence off.
Infernape decides jump into the air grabs the claw then jumps down with his arms tied next to his body in a Aerial Ace(3) Position.
Machamp surprisingly takes the hit and is wobbly before using up an Earthquake Knocking over the claw and landing it on Infernape.

Machamp-Jason Voorhees.
Infernape-Freddy Krueger.

HP bar
Machamp- 16/100
Infernape- 2/100

Energy bar
Machamp- 5/100
Infernape- 25/100

1.Infernape- 27/200
2.Machamp- 21/200

Protect Bar
Infernape 5/5
Machamp 5/5

They're both healthy but still equally tired. Either can fall in the next round but still.
Infernape Special attack +1
Special Defense +1

Machamp Attack +1

Field effects
The claws on the ground. Anyone could get stabbed here. The Azurill plushie throwing machine still has 15 Plushies left

The claw.
Situated like one of those claw machines. There's also various plushie throwing machines there as well.
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Ummm. My ref? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ummm. My ref?   Ummm. My ref? Icon_minitime24th August 2008, 12:26 pm

HP, Energy and rank are way off. Not enough participants. RAnks are wrong. Course is confusing.

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Ummm. My ref?
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