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 Reffing Staples

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PostSubject: Reffing Staples   13th August 2008, 10:30 am

When posting to become a ref you must have the following...

1. The attacks with description- The writing at the begginning of the reffing.
2. Participants-A list of people in the current rumble. Must have 5-12 people in the rumble.
3. HP Bar-The HP each participant has left. Out of 100.
4. Energy Bar-The energy each participant has left. Out of 100.
5. Rank-The sum of energy and HP. Out of 200.
6. Protect Bar-How many Protects each participant has left. Out of 5.
7. Status-Which Status Effects the participants are inflicted with.
8. Field Effects-Things that have happened to the stage,
9. A New Stage-The course they battle on.

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Reffing Staples
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